Season Finale. Everything has led to this. With a new plan and new power, Phoenix faces off with Michael once again, but the outcome is something no one saw coming.

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Trigun: Did You Know?

Will had decided to never review a series like Trigun due to its place in anime history. However, upon rewatching it on his own, he realized that the series was definitely not the pinnacle of perfection people make it out to be. It was because of that experience that he decided that Trigun, unlike several of its contemporaries (Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll, etc.), was capable of being criticized fairly. Later, in one of his more controversial moments, Will admitted in a panel that he thought Trigun should be remade now that the Trigun Maximum manga had concluded. The response from the crowd was mixed at best, solidifying in our hosts’ minds that this review was more than necessary.

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