Phoenix & Atlas dive headfirst into the most controversial review in Animerican history: Haibane Renmei.

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Haibane Renmei: Did You Know?

Will originally purchased Haibane Renmei off the heels of Clannad and was immediately taken with the character and art design from stills. The comments and reviews he could find praised it so highly, that he was overjoyed to slap the disc into his PS3 when it finally arrived. And he hated it. He sat through six episodes before calling it quits, disillusioned and disappointed. Several months later, JT was looking through Will’s shelves to find one more candidate for Animerica’s Season 3 lineup and, for whatever reason, Haibane Renmei caught his eye. Will tried to talk him out of it, but JT wouldn’t listen. Their viewing would mark the first time in history that they would legitimately regret a review choice.

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