Phoenix and Atlas begin to figure things out as the Gilgamesh review starts to spiral out of control.

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Gilgamesh: Did You Know?

Gilgamesh is the first and only fan submission accepted for Animerica. The team was having a difficult time rounding out the lineup for Season 3 after Basilisk and Gurren Lagann turned out to be poor candidates for review. Gilgamesh was added to fill that hole and since its initial viewing in 2013, it stands the test of time as the worst anime Will and JT have ever seen.

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5 Responses

  1. Conner

    I’m gonna seem like the hugest dick here, but I’ll start this off by saying I tried. Oh dear lord did I try.
    I tried so hard to get through this video, but.. It’s just so meh. Like I’m not going to openly say you are bad reviewers far from that, I’d say you’re mediocre but by God does it show here..
    Like I couldn’t get past the 20 minute mark, even my best efforts weren’t enough, I want to sit down and watch the review but my goodness it’s.. It’s just the same comments I had from before, it all goes back to the main thing which is penetrability, your videos are WAY too long, the story is unnecessary and will scare off new viewers especially considering you put it in the beginning.
    The jokes are just okay and some times good. But here’s the thing, even if I have the tastiest peanut butter on the planet, if you spread it across a piece of bread a mile wide with only a single jar, it’s just not going to be enough.

    Now I read a comment I think Will responded to a while back (If it wasn’t him than I am sorry for forgetting!)
    Where he stated that the story is integral to the review. No.. The review is integral to the review, everything else is secondary, I can tell you want to tell a story which is fine, just don’t shove it down our throats.
    I tried four times to get through this, four times! It’s just so hard..
    You guys have potential, it’s just that you are putting effort all in the wrong places, shorten the videos, make the story less impossible to follow, maybe space the jokes out better so it’s not a desert the size of the Mojave in between them where each joke is like a shot of pure fruit punch straight to the mouth.
    Sure it tastes good, but it’s really not worth it when you realise the distance you can travel to get like a nice smoothie.

    That smoothie being other reviewers, you guys seem to be operating on the assumption that there are no other anime reviewers out there. I know this isn’t 100% true, because I mean, if you’re invested in reviewer culture in any way you would know that is false. But saying “The BEST anime review shows on the internet” is a bit.. presumptuous, like I think you should at least get to the levels of Jesuotaku back in her hay day to say something like that.
    Even then it’s a stretch. Like if you want to earn that title? You gotta change, be able to match the likes of Anime Abandon and Should You Watch (Demolition_D’s show)
    Because if you don’t you probably will stay how you are, or fade off into obscurity as a simple “Oh yeah, they were a thing.” Like TJ Omega, who is still making content with the same amount of fans he always had, or maybe like Vangelus who is cursed to a similar fate but with a higher chance of escape.

    I don’t know if you guys will listen to this, hell, I doubt you would even care about what some idiot on the internet has to say about your show you have been doing for a few years. But if you care about your future, and care about entertaining people more than you are now you will take my words to heart.
    I don’t think you guys are bad, I have said that enough, I just think you guys have your hearts in the wrong place.
    And I promise, if I’m wrong and you suddenly become popular because of what you are doing I will be first in line to say I’m sorry and throw money at you.
    But as it is that doesn’t seem likely.

    You two need to really work on penetrability and I think this may be the last I write to you two? Like if you respond to this I will respond back, it’s just how I am, I hate ignoring people. But other than that.. It’s just your videos are too long for me to casually watch and be entertained by.

    I’m not going to apologise for being negative, you two probably need to hear this in order to grow as content creators

    Sincerely, Conner
    That one dork on the internet

    • Will Ryan

      I’m going to say the same thing I did last time when you commented about shorter videos: that’s why we have Cover By Cover and 25 The Hard Way. The average Cover By Cover episode is 20-25 minutes and the average episode of 25 The Hard Way is less than 15 minutes. And these videos are splashed all over our front page. If you think Animerica as a series is going to change, then yes, you efforts are completely in vain. And yes, you are a lone voice somewhere out in the wilderness. We have a continuously growing fan and subscriber base on YouTube. The videos that get the most positive reactions and are in the highest demand? EPISODES OF ANIMERICA. You’re talking about penetrability and all this jazz, but what you are forgetting is that you truly and ultimately represent no one but yourself. Now, that’s fine because you’re entitled to an opinion… but you dress your opinion up in the trappings of an entire audience, and, in doing so, very presumptuously assign your opinion to every single person out there who currently isn’t watching our show… even though your opinion is a extreme minority dissenting one. So watch our show or don’t; it’s up to you. But why should we take anything you’re saying seriously? Do you work in marketing? Have you ever worked with a Web series? Have you ever worked specifically with a review series or even an anime review series? No? Well, okay then. Time to move on.

      • Conner

        I can tell you hold a lot of passion in what you do, and I respect that, I respect that you put a lot of effort into your reviews and can even post them frequently when other reviewers can take months to put out a single video.
        Though with all do respect to this passion, I may move on, I may not. The point is that I speak from almost the same place of passion as you do, reviews. I have written reviews for anime online and have gotten a good amount of praise for them myself. I write reviews for many things, and I will not compare writing to creating a video because they are completely different. But my passions flare up when I see people like you, people who poor their heart and soul into what they do and as soon as they get negative criticism instead of being logical they bite back with full force.

        I’m not going to paint myself the Messiah of the internet the one who will never get mad at anyone if they say something negative. I get mad like everyone else, but even then I still know when to swallow my pride, fight the points that need defending and realise that maybe there are flaws in how you do things.

        I backed down before when you came at me trying to defend the content you have created because I was a dumb kid, I knew I was in the wrong then, but now? Not so much, I believe in what I said. And when I speak about your content I speak about Animerica, the show. Not all your brands as a content creator that is not my place to judge because I lack experience in them. I judge you on what you have presented to me and since I see it lacking I point it out. You come at me with such anger as to flaunt to me that you have a so many shows and tell me how I have none.
        And you’re right, I don’t have any successful shows, I have worked on webcomics as a writer, I am planning to start a review series soon (Which you can critique as harshly as you choose to, I will be open to it)
        But does that mean anything? Does having a degree in anything mean your opinion in a review is more valid than anyone elses? No.. No it does not, you can have degrees in every form of screen art there is and if your opinions are garbage it means nothing.

        In response to you claiming I was representing others, I didn’t intend to completely come off like that, but when I said what I said. I mean that I have watched more reviewers than I can count, I have a good idea of what is good and gets views, and what is bad and what doesn’t. I know what steers people away from them, or at least I like to think so. Claiming I am great at telling what content brings people in and shoos them away, is like saying I’m a professional in sasquatches, it means nothing at all.

        Trends change, people’s opinions shifts, and as I said before I almost want you to prove me wrong, I want you to get successful with it. I will be the first one in line to tell you I was wrong, but as it is? I don’t see it.

        I can’t see it, I never will with the way you communicate with your fans, and to make it clear I will not say I represent all your fans or new viewers I speak from my view going in blind to your content. You have met me with almost nothing but hostility and resentment, the only reason I came back to review was because I noticed there was a bit of hand of reconciliation extended by your partner..
        I shall say this now, I don’t hate you two, I’m not even angry at how you have responded to my criticism. I am annoyed at how it has to be like this, I understand you feeling protective of your content but me saying it needs changing isn’t harming it.

        I have been as calm and impersonal as I could be until now but I must make it personal to air out my own grievances of what was said.
        The two things you said that actually annoyed me, the two things that are driving me a bit up the wall is the defence that many insecure content creators have in defence of what they do, which is A) Have you ever done this before? If not than you have no right to judge! and B) If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

        Now in any other case I would have looked this over, but you are a reviewer, these words should be as hollow to you as a skeleton picked dry by buzzards in a desert. Because if that were true? Have you ever made an anime before? Do you know how many man hours it takes to do even basic animation? And even if you do, do you know about the intricacies of the production behind each specific anime you review so you know just how it came to be and can understand it? I won’t assume you didn’t but you can see where I’m coming from here when I say that is a B.S. argument to defend your content, reviewers critique the final product, and if we weren’t allowed to talk about what we liked and didn’t like about something simply because we don’t have a background in that field, than I don’t think all too many people would be reviewers only a select few.
        And the next one isn’t as bad but you should know better. Which is if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, which you know what? Sure! Why not! Why not avoid all bad things on the planet and not watch anything we don’t like even if it is to give a fair critique of it in order to tell others an opinion different from their own to give them a different outlook on the material they like or may not like!

        As a reviewer you really should know better than to say things like that, and who am I to talk? I could be told the same thing! I have flaws in my own opinions that other people point out daily, but you know what? I regroup, learn from what they have to say and move on to make better content in my life..
        It bothers me that you have so much potential and actual history behind you and you choose to be so blind to the greatness you could achieve!
        But hey! What do I know right? I’m just some guy on the internet saying how much he doesn’t like something!

        I will end this simply saying, you guys could get a lot of amazing things done, you have actual talent, it’s just you lack the right direction to get there.

        I may watch more, I may write more reviews, but I doubt it when writing a critique can evoke such hostility and rejection and to top it off nothing will change.
        It may not mean much to you (which is sad) but you have lost one person who might have been a fan.

        I will say my comment was pretty much all negative but I meant it, I have said it a LOT in this but you guys are wasting potential..
        I may hold some negative opinions of you two as reviewers, but as people I will not judge you. I do not know who you are in person, and hell, if I saw you in person and you didn’t know who I am, we would probably be friends.
        So I don’t intend to attack you personally, I only mean to discuss your content and the characters you present in it.

        I hope you two learn, or hey! even get popular. I promise I’ll be first in line to apologise if you do, but for now? It’s not that time.

        A guy

      • Will Ryan

        I am blown away by your comments. I stated facts simply and plainly. You seem to be the one personally offended coming back at me with hostility, resentment, and rejection. My points are completely legitimate. We have an audience made up of thousands of people between YouTube and Channel Awesome (and yes, the metrics I view every week prove they are two separate audiences). We have a select few dissenters who have absolutely zero complaints in common, but again, our highest-viewed series with the highest demand and most positive reactions from our audience is the same show you are individually criticizing and deriding on your own private island. You talk about receiving praise for your reviews. Great! We receive lots of praise for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Animerica from our fans. Do you not understand what I’m saying here? You have a way you personally think reviews should be done and you believe in it strongly. That’s fine. And I hope it works for you and I hope you’re successful. But you don’t see us hunting you down on your website and criticizing your series. That’s because we don’t care how other people do reviews. We’really not trying to mimic them or do things THEIR way. Since the very beginning, we have only done things OUR way and we’re going to stay true to our style while continuing to do everything we can to improve. We also feel very strongly about the way we do reviews–AND WE DO THEM IN THREE DISTINCT, VERY DIFFERENT WAYS. You continue to come after Animerica, but it is ONE OF THREE series we do, each of which have completely different formats. In fact, 25 The Hard Way was created for people like you who say that Animerica is too indigestible. It’s a show that fully reviews anime, but goes over one episode per video. Even further, I have had numerous people tell me that our last season of 25 The Hard Way, which covered Clannad After Story, is THE BEST ANIME REVIEW THEY’VE EVER SEEN. So, I will try to state this again as plainly as I can: when we are receiving overwhelming approval and praise for the way we do things, why would we slam on the brakes and dramatically change the way we do things just because you–ONE PERSON–says so? You can feel as strongly as you want and state things as articulate lyrics and logically as you want, but we call our shows the Best Anime Review Shows On the Internet because WE BELIEVE IT. I’m stunned by you calling me insecure. Defending the way we do things makes us insecure? I’m not going to attack and criticize other reviewers of any popularity level for how they do reviews, but as much as I am my own biggest critic and push myself harder than anyone else to create quality videos, I will also defend the videos we publish on the internet–in all of our series–because I believe we are producing the best anime review shows on the internet. Period. I believe we are doing more to expose potential new anime viewers and fans than any other reviewer. We are the first reviewers on the Internet to do full anime reviews, Episode by episode. No, we’re not the only anime reviewers, but we try to do it THREE DIFFERENT WAYS that no one else does. And they’re three different ways that will not stop being what they are. You are welcome to not watch or like any of them. But you are one against a legion of people who overwhelmingly appreciate what we do the way we do it. If they didn’t, it’s very simple: They wouldn’t watch. We can’t and won’t give your opinion preferential treatment over all of them. How disrespectful to them would that be? And if you can’t see that that is ultimately the bottom line here, then no amount of me trying to explain it will help. You’ve just got to figure out how to manage that on your own. Good day.

      • Conner

        I didn’t intend for all this to go this far, I take the blame for escalating it far past what it should have gone to.
        As I have mentioned I can tell you put a lot of heart and effort into these videos, and as I have said before it is very respectable.
        I commend your way of making videos and you know what? I think it’s awesome how often you can get them out.
        Everything I can say detracting from your material is as you have said just my opinion, the opinion of a single person. One guy on the internet who likes to have an opinion. You are right in what you said I am just a vocal minority, the kind that resembles a pebble in your shoe, or maybe a thorn in your side.
        I can guarantee you I won’t be the last, and I know this sounds like a villain monologue and while it kind of is, it kind of isn’t.

        It is in the sense that is a vague yet menacing threat of an army of small men typing away at your videos. Saying horrible things, but for this tiny man? I like to think I am reasonable, and it is from this voice of reason that has been drowned in almost an ocean of cynicism that I say I did overstep one boundary, and that is to talk to you like you had little to no fans.
        See my comparisons are drawn from the many people I have watched who
        have millions of fans, so comparative to you? It’s just fake internet points.

        I am a guy who picks apart everything, regardless of who or what is attached to it. You say you have a growing fanbase? That’s great! And I’m not saying that sarcastically I mean it, because if you are entertaining a single person, than you have done a good thing. I strive to entertain at least one person a day, it’s why I was into Radio once upon a time.
        But this isn’t about me, this is about this whole debacle of passion and just straight up pride. I can tell you have a great deal of pride for the shows you have built up and it is actually a rather awe inspiring thing, making me kind of want to see it all from the beginning in an odd way? Now I may sound like I am straight up trying my hardest to plea or sympathy or even beg for forgiveness, I’m not.
        I stand by what I said, that being said this is what didn’t appeal to me, (And a few other people I have shown your reviews to.)
        I said them a lot more harshly than I should have, but I mean it. The penetrability of Animerica was just the hardest thing for me to get through, that is me personally, I think it’s hard for new people to get into things they don’t understand which is what is troublesome about the story.
        But as I have said in all my replies, if it works for you and you become the most famous reviewers on the web (In regards to Anime, I doubt anyone will ever surpass AVGN in regards to fame) I will be the first one in line to apologise I ever doubted.
        But for now that’s all I have! My doubt, it stems from all my experience with all the reviewers I have ever seen and well? You have no reason to lend me any amount of credence because all I say is just what I see to be wrong with your reviews, it might just be me.
        I say it’s up to you as reviewers to see if what I say has any merit at all and judge if it is an actual problem, not shoot down every complaint that comes your way.

        Keep doing what you’re doing, change what you’re doing, slightly add in something new to what you’re doing, it’s all the same to me. It is your content and at the end of the day I have no say in what goes on, I’m just pointing out the flaws in what I see!
        Isn’t that what we all do? I may not be on the same level as you guys, but with the small amount of reviews I have done isn’t it all just in the name of one thing and that is expression of your opinions? When I first came to this site oh so long ago I had no intentions of making enemies of you two, I have a lot of respect for anyone who finds the time to make reviews in any way.

        I hate how this spiralled out of control, my original goal was to make jokes through hyperbole and critique something as I saw it, and look at where it’s gotten us? Me still a no-one whose name is only synonymous with complaints and you still with Channel Awesome and still with your own fanbase.

        Even after that I still hold my opinions, I still think there are problems with your reviews (Just Animerica due to me not wanting to assume about the others) I still think we both could have handled this whole situation better than essentially just a screaming match, and I still have respect for you as a content creator.

        I think I have twisted the knife in you enough, I can’t state my points any other way than the way I have, I believe if you find a better way to manage your story and your video length you would have much more fans, and yeah.

        A guy who spirals

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