Phoenix and Atlas bring the Gilgamesh review to a close as Phoenix and Max come to a decision.

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Gilgamesh: Did You Know?

Gilgamesh is the first and only fan submission accepted for Animerica. The team was having a difficult time rounding out the lineup for Season 3 after Basilisk and Gurren Lagann turned out to be poor candidates for review. Gilgamesh was added to fill that hole and since its initial viewing in 2013, it stands the test of time as the worst anime Will and JT have ever seen.

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4 Responses

  1. Weird Science

    Hey! I really want to know where you got your information about that real-life, sibling, couple with troubled kids.

    • Will Ryan

      It’s been two years now since I originally wrote my rant, so I’m not sure. I so badly wanted to rant about how terrible incest was, but I wanted to be sure that what I was saying was legitimate, so I looked it up and, after enough looking around, I found that story. It might have just been on Wikipedia, but I remember it was on like the third or fourth thing that I tried. It’s real though.

      • Weird Science

        Well, you can’t trust everything you read on Wikipedia. I would like to have seen more substantial resources. Historical Egyptian kings normally married and were born from their sisters and they were still capable of running their countries. Although, inbreeding is a concern for all species, its effects are usually only scene after several generations. Such effects are often found in the puppies of puppy mills, where dogs are abused for the profits of selling the puppies and the owners don’t care which male of that breed mates with which female.

      • Will Ryan

        I didn’t say I read it on Wikipedia and took their word for it; I found it on Wikipedia, it was annotated, and I read the original story, which had the details of the interview. The thing is, as I said, I wrote the script literally two years ago, so I can’t be more specific than that because I just don’t remember. However, I’m going to strongly object to your response; if you would like to see more substantial sources, GOOGLE IT. Just because I can’t give you an exact link to exactlay where I read it, that doesn’t make it exaggerated or untrue. It’s still hard fact. DON’T take my word for and look into it yourself if you want to know more. Trust me, if I could supply you with more specificity, I would. It’s something I feel very strongly about.

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