Phoenix softens towards his compatriots and begins the review of Gilgamesh: the worst anime in Animerican history.

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Gilgamesh: Did You Know?

Gilgamesh is the first and only fan submission accepted for Animerica. The team was having a difficult time rounding out the lineup for Season 3 after Basilisk and Gurren Lagann turned out to be poor candidates for review. Gilgamesh was added to fill that hole and since its initial viewing in 2013, it stands the test of time as the worst anime Will and JT have ever seen.

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2 Responses

  1. History's Mysteries

    Not to be confused with the Epic of Gilgamesh which is pure ancient awesomeness. Hey, which one you gets to be Gilgamesh and which one is Enkidu? Hmm could be a tough call in the winter when you guys both have that fantastic facial hair.

  2. Conner

    Well, who would’a thought I would have written a review this quickly after saying I may not write one at all? Pretty crazy right! Pretty wacky! But I have some free time in between self loathing and watching h3h3 videos to sit down and watch one of your reviews in it’s entirety and give it an honest review!

    I changed my tune since last time and went into this review with no expectations whatsoever other than people would be talking about anime while anime clips were playing and well!
    I have mixed feelings..

    Now if I were to give my one sentence review of it, it would probably be something to the effect of “It was good, but it had flaws.”
    But well.. I’m not much one for brevity in any aspect, so I might as well point out what I liked and what I didn’t like. I wrote down some notes to keep my points all lined up in a nice neat little line that is incredibly hard to f*ck up! So lets get to it shall we!

    First off I should say one big compliment and that is that your opening animation? Whoever did that (Saw their name in the opening title credits, forgot to write it down) should be commended! It was pretty excellent! Reminds me of if Masako X’s intro, but longer, and more of a Shounen feel to it rather than a slice of life good vibes kind of thing.
    That’s something that is often overlooked in a lot of content creators, they make intros fore their videos that are overly long, boring, and don’t represent their content. Though your’s did stretch on a bit, I was entertained throughout it!

    Now that I have that one out of the way it’s time for me to discuss my main points Starting with my main impression of you two as reviewers and the content you have created with this review (Also, I feel like I should mention this, but what I say here isn’t me judging your content as a whole, it’s discussing this video in particular which I just chose at random and jumped in.)
    Now my impression of you two is!

    Eh, like, It’s really weird? You two seem to have a decent personality and characters in regards to the review, but these characters seem to be spread very far and very thin? Like the jokes (Which I have something to say about, but will get into later) when they are good! They are actually pretty good! But when the thing is, they are spread between like a mile of mediocre content. The best way to sum it up is like, in Dragon Ball Z? Where there is all the build up and training and nothing happening (Or barely happening) in between Goku showing up to fight the big bad, and when he shows up there is an awesome fight that makes it all worth it!
    That seems to be the impression I get from this, but.. Well, the jokes just seem to not be amazing enough to make it worth it for the most part? Like sometimes they are good, and I will admit the whole review did pick up towards the second half, but that first half was spread so very thin with what you were trying to accomplish that it’s like trying to take an entire jar of Smucker’s Jam and spreading it over a piece of toast the size of Nebraska.
    Though I think that may do with something I will discuss in the last section.

    Okay, as I mentioned I will discuss the jokes later, it is now later, and I will now discuss the jokes.
    They are some of the weirdest kinds of jokes I have ever seen? I think you have made an oddly original kind of comedy, that I will hence forth name “The Cooking Frog Style”
    If you are familiar with how you cook a frog, you don’t just throw it in the pot of hot water, no no no.
    You throw it in to warm water and then slowly heat it and the frog will just cook in it and boil not knowing it’s about to die.
    See, your jokes when they first happen? They seem very awkward to me, but for some weird reason, how you guys continue them makes it worse, and worse, and worse, but the pay off for the jokes actually makes it all worth it and pretty good! Which I think is astounding.
    Like, the joke with Atlas (I think that was his name? It was very unclear. Sometimes I heard Alex, sometimes I heard Alis.) Mispronouncing Salamanders, my first thought was “Okay.. Why? What is the joke here? It’s not that hard a word to do.” And the more you continued it, the more I got a little annoyed, but when he came in with the cinnamanders I will openly admit I did snicker audibly towards it (Which believe me.. It takes a lot for me to laugh outwardly)
    The same with the Salmon Blasters! that was awkward and weird, and the pay off for the joke actually made it all get tied up very well into a cohesive whole!.
    So yeah, take that however you wish? But hey at least your jokes did work for the most part.

    Another thing about your jokes I have noticed is simply that you guys will carry on a joke for longer than most people would? and I don’t mean that in a “you will carry it on longer than it should.” I mean your jokes in general rely on you carrying them on for a longer period of time for them to work, which has it’s goods and it’s bads.
    (the baby book was one joke that did fall flat simply because there really was no real pay off to it other than the book being slapped out of his hand and him going “Heyyyyy!”)

    The video editing is.. Eh, like it’s not really bad? It does show that there was a lot of effort put into this. But to put it blankly, it’s serviceable. Like it’s nothing amazing? Though there are some exceptions of editing which, well I do like (An example being when the eyes popped out of the Gilgabuddies head)
    But you guys tend to play it safe with some natural shots. Now. That being said? It’s not like there was much to be expected in the way of video editing? I mean in regards to an anime review? What do you expect?For there to be a bunch of trick edits where the reviewers chin is in frame at a different angle each shot! Or intense dynamic pans every shot to establish that the room is in fact still a room? Heck no.
    That being said, it was just played safe which is still good.

    Okay, I know in my last review of your guys I did let out a good amount of vitriol towards you guys in regards to audio, but you know what? Audio is pretty important, when the main thing you are adding to something like a review is your opinion, there are two ways to do so, text and voice. So in your case, voice. That being said, the audio was.. Middle of the road, nothing too amazing, sometimes a little bad with echo and peaking on the mic (though oddly enough the scream Phoenix let out wasn’t all too bad? Like there wasn’t a huge amount of distortion) One scene in particular with incredibly bad audio was the one with Atlas outside hitting the hammer with his hands. Now the bit was kind of funny, but the audio was so intensely bad that I have no idea how you got it to sound like that? I mean there was an outside shot afterwards with the “running from the sky” joke (Which was a pretty good joke) and it’s audio was fine?
    Other than that, the main comment I have is that you may want to try and dampen your recording room in some way? Like the reverb on your voices from it bouncing off the walls is a bit.. Distracting, and it may just be your mic. But the cheapest way to dampen sound for this scenario is just to get a lot of egg cartons and place them bulge side out on the walls, it will absorb sound better, and improve the overall audio. (The expensive way is probably to get professional sound dampening foam to coat it. But my goodness that stuff is expensive!)

    Okay, one last point I gotta bring up before I get to my biggest thing with this. You guys seem to be rather smart at times from naming off the exact musical piece she was playing on the piano, to making reference to the Epic of Gilgamesh. The one missed opportunity is that you guys could have told your audience about it. I mean I didn’t know who Gilgamesh was? I looked him up in an attempt to sound like I’m more educated than I am in this review, and from what I read he seems like a character you could bring up and discuss, maybe draw parallels with how it makes no sense that three characters are Gilgamesh when all works of literature (From what I have read) point to it being a single person who is a demigod.
    I don’t know if you will bring this up in the later parts, but this is just what I hoped for in this one. See, I’m a nerd, like, you know, a nerd nerd, a total geeky nerdy nerdy geeky geek. I like to learn, especially about historical characters and figures like this! It makes me happy, because.. Well, nerd.
    But yeah, it bothered me how you brought up for a split second the Gilgamesh in literature and making reference to the great flood in said literature.
    I just think it was a missed opportunity to inform your audience on a rather important historical character!

    I was wanting to get to this, and I think this may be my last point (I may discuss more after but yeah) this is probably the one thing I was thinking about the entire time when watching you guys do you review, it wasn’t a problem for me for the most part but it got harder towards the end. This is something I talk about to the ends of the earth with my friends, and anyone who will listen.
    The term here is Penetrability, the ability for people to penetrate your content easily and get into it. There is a lot of stuff that a lot of people do that makes it hard to understand this concept. But this is why Jontron (For example) has a LOT of fans, it’s because it is incredibly easy for his content to be consumed, there are no running jokes, there are no plot lines that only people who have been watching for a long time will get, and they are filled with jokes that people will like regardless of if they know anything at all about him as a person, or as a character.
    You guys have a LOT of problems with it, and I can see how it would scare off new fans. I mean this with no disrespect at all. I mean this in a “I have seen a lot of reviewers and can actively understand why people will like them.”
    See, one problem here is the length, I will commend you for putting the effort in to making a full one hour review (And if the other two parts are this long, damn dude. That’s a lot of work) but for normal people (Not like me.. Who in his free time spends hours binge watching anime with no breaks) it can seem too intimidating for them to even make an attempt!
    I’d say maybe you could break up the hour long episodes into maybe four 25 minute episodes? I know it may be a but cheating, but it gives you virtually more content to put out (Meaning you can have a backlog of like, twelve episodes instead of three) and it means you can do that one thing, that all anime reviewers strife for, a legendary word known as “consistency”. Meaning you could post weekly, or heck bi-weekly if you have the work ethic.
    It’s not like all people who do it are scum bags? I don’t think I have ever met someone who was, I mean another Channel awesome member, Count Jackula started doing it for his movie reviews, turning them from one thirty minute review, to three ten minute reviews to make it easier for new people to experience his channel!
    So if that makes sense to you, I would recommend it! Or if this video is a one off and it is literally the only video you have that is longer than 30 minutes. Than I just spent a full maybe five or ten minutes complaining about a problem that isn’t even a problem.
    Yeah, that is a possibility.

    Okay, another thing that I find a problem in modern reviewers is that they try to make a story in the outside world of the review, now that in and of itself is not a bad thing! I mean Spoony’s reviews of the Ultima games end up following a story at some point and I thought it was awesome!
    But I think that a story should either A) Be encapsulated to the review itself, meaning if it was multiple parts the story would start in part 1 and end in whatever the last one is. Because I mean come on? Who starts watching a review from part 4? Unless it’s JoJo.. But.. well. Bad jokes aside there is also B) where you do what Linkara did, see I don’t watch him too much any more, but back when I did, he had the ingenious idea of putting all his story stuff carried over from the last review after the credits, so that if you were invested you just had to watch past them and boom it continues!
    The reason I say these things about stories is, because as I said, why would you jump in at part 4 unless it was JoJo? Because you guys have a story going I don’t know much of what is going on.. I don’t know much about what is going on in the story you guys have made, and don’t know where I would have to go to start it. It just makes it much much harder for new viewers to penetrate your content without them knowing where to start because of the story.

    Other than the concept of penetrability, there isn’t really any major problems with the review? Like it was mediocre at parts, but other than that I thought it was rather fine!
    I think I shall give the next part a watch, and see how that goes, and if the content is as good as it was here, than I may continue. But right now I would say it’s my opinion is tenuous but positive!
    If were to give this review an arbitrary score…
    Maybe six out of eight pizza slices missing on the pizza? (Interpret that as you will)

    Side Notes:
    Okay, on the shelf behind Phoenix(? It was hard to make out the names some times..) Is that a Rosemon Burst mode figure? Or Angewomon? (I am one of the like, six people on the planet who prefer Digimon over Pokemon, and it looked familiar. I may just be crazy.)

    And the science joke about how their science made abso-godamn-lutely no sense? I found that quite entertaining!

    One last thing, your critique for the most part was actually pretty on point! I am only remembering right now that this is kind of a big point i should have put up there but.. Well, poor memory sometimes gets the better of me. But yes! your analysis when it was happening was quite on point, pointing out bad perspective, horrible writing, and things that a good critique should!
    So yeah!

    That weirdo who reviews reviewers


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