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It’s Princess Jellyfish, everyone!

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Princess Jellyfish: Did You Know?

Princess Jellyfish is a ‘Josei’ series. Josei, a specific manga genre in Japan, is also literally the Japanese word for ‘woman.’ The series is targeted specifically at women and speaks volumes about the genre as a whole. Josei series tend to chronicle events that are largely mundane and light-hearted as opposed to the high adventure and high-stakes events of Shonen (boys) or Seinen (young men) series such as One Piece. Josei series like Princess Jellyfish are also well-known for completely lacking any sort of definitive ending that completes a greater story. This is a trend that has developed over several decades as female manga readers in Japan read far more casually and for different reasons than male readers–largely to relax. It’s also interesting to note that while American women tend to favor romantic comedy or straight romance stories where a couple gets together at the end, many of the most overwhelmingly popular Josei manga result in no real love story at all. Instead, they are much more focused on the journey of the (typically female) protagonist. It’s a dynamic paralleled in much Shonen and Seinen manga and, frankly, should be praised for a genuine devotion to character development and focused storytelling.

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3 Responses

  1. Aaron kooienga

    Josei is a demographic not a genre also sorry you hated Honey and Clover so much and it was such a disappointment to you. I found the lachrymose tone of some of the story arcs refreshing.

  2. Legato Williams

    Your beard must grow at 2 inches a day for these sketches to work.

  3. Gamermage

    0:42 Seriously, what is it with these shows and their lack of a father?

    0:52 …(Sigh.)

    2:04 My thoughts exactly.

    11:22 What randomness is this?

    14:42 (Insert “Combine Harvester” Here)

    17:44 Well done, sir! grin emoticon


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