It’s time for some broody emo goodness… or the closest thing to it. It’s Ergo Proxy and it’s darker than GRAY!

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Ergo Proxy: Did You Know?

Ergo Proxy had a very successful release in summer and fall of 2006 and was immediately picked by Geneon USA in the midst of its death throes. However, since Geneon of Japan was still very much alive come 2008, they signed a contract with Funimation to release a set of certain titles stateside. Ergo Proxy saw the light of day again as one of those titles. Interestingly, the agreement also included successful releases Black Lagoon and Hellsing Ultimate… along with When They Cry. So apparently Funimation is just sitting on When They Cry indefinitely and has no plans of releasing it. Weird.

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2 Responses

  1. Gamermage

    1:38 Oh Lord, it’s “Silent Hill: Dead/Alive” all over again! JT, get the booze!

    5:10 Who is presumably naked.

    6:48 Enough with the Italian getup!

    7:08 Suddenly, I’m thinking of both Blade Runner AND Fooly Cooly.

    14:16 SYMBOLISM! Of what, I have no idea.

    16:12 JT with a women’s wig from the Hunger Games. Weird.

    16:48 And with the inclusion of proxies, the Slenderman comparisons now make more sense.

    21:52 You bastard. grin emoticon.


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