The Season 3 Finale is here! Will and JT find this week’s anime from a strange place and it kicks off a chain reaction like no other. It’s Cromartie High School!

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Cromartie High School: Did You Know?

‘Yanki’ is the Japanese word for ‘juvenile delinquent.’ The ‘yanki’ manga of the 70s and 80s that Cromartie High School satirizes inspired a Japanese subculture–‘Yankii’–composed of proudly delinquent Japanese high schoolers who dye their hair blonde, act loud and rude in public, get drunk often, and intentionally get pregnant while still in high school. It’s interesting that the Japanese even managed to screw up the ‘sex as rebellion’ thing, since having a baby at 16 is a universally terrible idea regardless of how much POWAH you’re fighting. This actually demonstrates how great the satire of Cromartie High School is because as cool and tough as the characters act, their rebellious pursuits and actions are portrayed as universally pointless.

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3 Responses

  1. Graham Finch

    YES! I’ve seen several episodes of this show! It’s awesome!
    Thanks for a wonderful third season. I can’t wait for your fourth…whenever that happens.

  2. Da Kamp-Man Fan Gal

    WOOOT! Congratulations, JT! It’s your first directing credit here that I have seen, and I couldn’t be more excited for you. At long last, we all get to be inspired by the creative, compassionate, and passionate directorial vision of one such as yourself. You have motivated me to tackle the near impossible tasks in my life because I always think to myself, “if JT can be so courageous as to put up with Will’s antics all day, then it should be nothing for me to solve such dilemmas as world hunger, cold fusion, human interplanetary space travel, etc. (You know, the easy stuff by comparison). ;-) Ok, ok, ok, I supposed we have to admit that we do love Will too. You guys go together like peanut butter and jelly, and I am really glad you have each other. Your friendship slightly reminds me of the one between Danny and Nick in the movie Hot Fuzz. I am kinda tempted to refer to the two of you together as The Fuzzies, especially when you guys are rockin’ those awesome beards. The name will never catch on, but, boy, does it make me laugh. Please take care of yourselves!


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