What did Casshan do again? Wait… CassHERN Sins?! Oh, this is gonna suck…

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Casshern Sins: Did You Know?

The anime series released in the US as ‘Casshan’ was and still is referred to as ‘Neo-Human Casshern’ in Japan. This can be chalked up to the constant butchering of title translations in the 80s and early 90s that led to failures like ‘Sword For Truth’ and ‘Domain of Murder.’ Despite this, the series was rereleased in the US by Sentai Filmworks in 2014, not as Casshern, but as Casshan once again. It turns out that if stupidity becomes well-known enough, it becomes the norm… except for the Casshern live-action movie and Casshern Sins, which were both released under their appropriate names. WELL THAT’S NOT CONFUSING AT ALL!

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3 Responses

  1. Graham Finch

    I remember watching this whole series a few years ago, and I didn’t hate it as much as you guys. I admit, though, that it could’ve been so much better. Casshern Sins is a tragedy where an immortal main character tries to find redemption after he destroys the world–and has to watch whatever is left of said world crumble around him, metaphorically and literally. The concept is intriguing enough, but the execution is disappointing.

    I liked the art style and minimalist storytelling, which leads the viewer to fill out the blanks and contributes to the series’ tone (which gets brighter as the series progresses, signifying Casshern inching closer to his redemption). Unfortunately, this causes the show’s biggest problem–the pacing, which is horrendously slow, even for a 24-episode series. They could’ve cut the episode number in half and reduced a ton of the padding, especially when most of the characters he meets along his journey are one-shots. (Some are interesting, others not so much.)

    The show needed a better focus and less meandering.

  2. Gamermage

    1:32 …I hate you, so very much right now.

    5:28 Come here, ya little bastard!

    13:04 Casshern Sins: written by Frank Miller.

    14:40 Well, I’m bored.

    22:10 My eyes hurt. I do not want watch this series now


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