So… is there not enough bubblegum or too much? Is there a bubblegum singularity? Is there bubblegum at all? So many questions… so much crisis…

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Bubblegum Crisis: Did You Know?

Bubblegum Crisis’ original Japanese title is Baburugamu Kuraishisu, a literal assimilation of ‘Bubblegum Crisis’ into Japanese. The title is allegedly meant to refer to the pressure inside a gum bubble as it fills with air until it reaches a limit where any added air whatsoever would cause it to burst. This is purported to refer to the tension between Genom and the Knight Sabers in the series, which is on the verge of completely exploding into an all-out war. However, this analogical interpretation comes from Fuzion’s Bubblegum Crisis RPG books and does not officially come from the series’ creators, who may have just picked it because it sounded weird and catchy. Well, good.

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8 Responses

  1. Conner

    Howdy ho once again!
    Remember me? I was that one guy that one time who did a review of your review on that site with the reviewers who do rev- You know what, screw that joke.. That joke is over done to hell, I mean come on? Some times it is original but a lot of the time its just making something simple sound stupidly complicated even though it isn’t..

    Where was I? Oh yeah!
    I was that one idiot who took time out of his day to write a review of your Hellsing Ultimate review! I finally got a free moment.. Who am I kidding I finally broke down because the new Jontron video got boring after like thirty times watching it in a row, and Count Jackula doesn’t put out reviews as much as I’d like. So I came here with nothing better to do then to see if you guys did indeed improve over time! (I assume since this video was on the front page it was new so uh, yeah)

    I watched this video with no biased going in at all, and well… I realised that I did like the Hellsing review because it was Hellsing. So when I came here I was unclouded and I found some issues. Once again I’m not the guy who has actual fans.. Oh wait I do I write for a web comic.. But that’s besides the point!

    I’ll bring up my main opinion then go into the more specific stuff towards the end. My main impression of this going in was that WOW you guys really need to learn to control your audio better, because I went into this with okay headphones and the beginning skit was a little quiet so I turned the volume up but when (Don’t know his name so I’ll just call him Guy with beard #1) Guy with beard #1 screams my ears wanted to commit Harakiri immediately! Which is astounding on account of the fact that they are not sentient and are apart of me..

    Oh and before I get ahead of myself, the opening skit was a bit basic, but no matter how you played it off it would have been basic. I understand “Oh look its a bubblegum crisis” You played it straight which was a bit.. Ill advised, but even playing it off sarcastically and nodding/winking to the camera would have been a bit cliche.

    The review was okay at best. Though it did seem like you guys had just watched an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and wanted to put in as many references to the show as possible.
    I don’t know, is it a law? Like is it a law for every entry level video reviewer to make references to MST3K? Like I never really watched as much of the show as I would have wanted (It was on Canadian Netflix then it wasn’t) but I don’t get these references.

    I guess I get now why people say “References aren’t comedy” Its true! Because unless the reference can be understood on its own without context than it shouldn’t be used.

    Through out the video I had on nagging feeling, boredom. And that’s it!! I finally figured out what I didn’t like about the other videos I saw of you guys! You have no personalities to back up the jokes! I have no sense of who you guys are, (To the point where I’m considering you guys Guy with beard #1 and #2) you guys have seemingly differentiates either of you from each other.

    Here’s a good example of what I mean, as a guy who writes for a few web comics there is a practice I know. A lot of artists clutter there character’s with interesting concepts but nothing really concrete! My method of writing is, if you can see the character and IMMEDIATELY figure out something about them in terms of personality, or who they are, then that is a good character.

    I mean take any picture of the Nostalgia Critic and look at him, behind his desk, with a suit, a hat, a tie, and an arrogant grin. You can tell he is sarcastic, arrogant, and intelligent, or at least he likes to think so.

    Or even Diamanda Hagan! I don’t really have to say much.. But well.. She’s a scary lady with scary movies.
    You guys need to differentiate yourselves from each other, and other critics!

    The best way to put it is, imagine a piece of paper with the word “Boobs” written on it, yeah in the right context it is funny, but you don’t remember the piece of paper as much as you do the boobs. You follow me?

    There was one last part in the review when you showed the fight scene, and said nothing, and text popped up. As a reviewer DON’T EVER DO THAT. Because its basically saying that text can do your job for you! I would have (And once again, I’m just some schlep on the internet who thinks people actually take him seriously) cut away from then and showed only a few clips from it and go to the camera view of you guys and say something akin to “We won’t lie, even though the Anime isn’t that great that fight scene is worth a look at.” But showing them the fight defeats any chance of them watching.

    Okay! Now for the positives, the negatives, and a few tips.
    -You guys do work well together, and bounce jokes off of each other well.
    -You have the potential to become great
    (Sorry for being so cynical!
    -Audio quality needs fixing, you probably use Audacity so I would avoid loud screaming unless you have a REALLY high end mic because no matter how you tone it down its just going to sound distorted and crappy.
    -Bland characters with little to nothing to differentiate them.
    -Heavy reliance on references that are to reliant on the context for them to be funny.
    -This is more of a personal grievance, and you’ve probably heard it before, but doing the first two episodes of an Anime isn’t really going to get their attention. Whether you don’t want to spend the time editing clips from a full series, or just think its an interesting gimmick. I would find a way to make it more interesting.

    -Learn to control your mic(s), audio can make or break a production regardless of how funny the jokes are, if you scream really loud then well there will be a noticeable distortion that even people who don’t know anything about sound would hear (They won’t notice, but they can be bothered by it). Maybe look around the vast interwebs and research different micing set ups. Or HELL I know a hell of a lot in terms of sound (Currently training to be a Radio DJ) Contact me and see what tips I can offer. But something is better than nothing.

    -Get a writer, or pay more attention to writing. Because jokes and an anime alone does not a review make! I write a lot of reviews online and people remember me! Why? I’m sarcastic as all hell, go off on tangents a bit more then I should, am bitter about every form of success that isn’t his, and may or may not have a boat load of complexes that the most weathered psychologist would go “HOLY SHEEEIT” Once again not to toot my own horn but if you need tips on writing from someone who takes themselves way to serious I’m almost always free!

    -Watch more reviewers, I know its kind of stupid for me to bring this up because well “We are reviewers? Why would we watch others??” Its simple, the human mind alone cannot create new ideas and concepts, everything you think of has at some point already been thought of in your mind. So maybe some fresh looks into other reviewers could give you ideas! Now.. That doesn’t mean steal jokes, no, I’m talking about styles, tricks, gimmicks, interesting ways to make yourself different from them by seeing what made them popular and then thinking.. “Hm.. How can I do something that would make me stand out like that..”

    So! My final thought!
    God I need to go outside and interact with people..
    But my final thoughts about the review!
    Eh, it could be better, the only thing you guys have that I noticed is you put a lot of work in to distribution but your content is a bit.. Minimal. That being said I have still only watched technically three reviews. I may watch more, I may not, if you have others that you think are different from this one, or this was your one bad review you can point me in the direction of a better one! Well.. That is if my review of your review hasn’t caused you to go into a blood lust to hunt down me and my relatives just to mark the day I decided to have an opinion other than “That was okay.”
    I’m not saying you guys are bad, no, ten year old minecraft playthroughs are bad, this is.. Boring. But I can see a lot of potential (Then again you guys have probably been doing this for years and what I’m saying is basically pissing at the wind)

    So all in all, you guys could use some work, but the ground layer is there!
    So I wish you good luck! And if you see this comment and go “Eh, f**k that guy.” and say nothing, well that is no skin off my nose!

    Sincerely Conner! (AKA The idiot who needs to go outside now.. Aw shite its snowing.. Well can’t back down now, gotta be a man COME ON JACK FROST WHAT YOU GOT)

    • Will Ryan


      I think in general that the commentary you make is the type we try to avoid with Cover By Cover. What you did was watch one episode of our review series and then drew many, many conclusions about us as reviewers and our series as a whole. That’s not appropriate or legitimate when the things you’re criticizing can only be endemic of the single review you’ve seen. The most concerning aspect is your your run-on criticism of our “characters” as reviewers. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Our “characters” as reviewers are evident if you watch more of the series. You see running jokes, tropes, and other things emerge. Now, I expect some kind of remark about how we do the same thing to anime characters, but that analogy doesn’t apply. We’re not trying to portray characters. We’re trying to expose people to anime and tell them whether or not we think it’s worth watching. But declaring that we don’t have “personality” or “characters” based on one of our videos is absurd. How can you possibly be well-informed enough to come to that conclusion? And finally, I had to laugh at you criticizing us as being “too dependent” on references. If you genuinely had watched more than one of our most recent videos, you would have seen that that is the one and only reference to MST3K all season. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we utilized it in Cover By Cover. It’s one of the few times that we’ve referenced anything at all this season, and it DOES make sense in context. You don’t have to have seen the episode of MST3K to understand that we’re making fun of Leon McNichols for having a cheesy 80s hero name. And in the Space Mutiny episode of MST3K… that’s exactly what they were doing! So the joke makes perfect sense. You not understanding or ‘getting’ a joke does not mean it was a bad joke. It means YOU didn’t get it. Period.

      Finally, to your criticism of Cover By Cover’s format. This website is very easy to access and the menu is very simple. I mentioned before and I will mention again that Cover By Cover is ONE of our THREE series here on this site. Both Animerica AND 25 The Hard Way are series that review ENTIRE ANIME. Cover By Cover is a different approach and I again have to point out that this is yet another conclusion you are coming to without possibly being informed enough to make it legitimate. Not when all the information that would render it moot is a few clicks away. If you have enough time to play JonTron on repeat for hours, why not watch more than a single one of our videos before jumping down our throats and making criticisms that don’t hold weight at all on the very site that disproves all of them? I know this is the internet, but damn. This is probably the last time I will respond to your comments as I find them frustrating and unhelpful. At least next time, please, I get you, know what you’re talking about. Because for the second time, you really, really don’t.


      Will Ryan

      • Conner

        Now I will start this off with me saying I apologise that I have offended you, and you are entitled to (As I said before) take what I say with a grain of salt because as I also said you guys are the ones with the popular show not me. I have little to know experience when it comes to doing a video review, because all mine are written. And you’ll see I have the same cynical attitude in all of them.

        I went into this not wanting to offend you, or try and make myself seem superior in any way, I swear I did not! I simply went into the episode and reviewed it like I do anything else. You guys can read my opinion as absolute garbage (Which was a point I tried to make absolutely clear in the first review I did of your Hellsing Ultimate review). In all honesty I thought you guys would ignore my comment as any other channel awesome critic would.

        But you didn’t which means only one thing you care about your content.

        Now to offer my defence, I should have made it a bit more.. Clear in my reviews, I wasn’t reviewing you guys as a whole in terms of your content I was reviewing the single video you had posted and offering advice and tips for what I saw. My comments and all that for the things I saw in the one review.

        I tend to be completely and brutally honest in my reviews of anything, which means I won’t discredit anything I said, I mean every part of it. But I have to admit that I may have gone in with the wrong kind of mindset, I went in thinking “Oh yeah! Time to rip their content apart” and I highlighted all the bad and none of the good.

        That was a bad move on my part.. Kind of like going to the grocery store when your hungry. So that is something I do apologise, and now that I re-watch the video it wasn’t as bad as I wrote it out to be.

        So if you guys regard me as some no-name idiot who just came here and bashed your videos then I will be fine with it, I get it a lot.
        I don’t go around trying to make enemies its just my opinions tend do so.
        To say it once more, you guys are the successful reviewers, I’m not. End of story.

        I’m going to cut myself off here, and I can understand you not ever responding to my comments ever again and I probably won’t make many more.

        Sincerely, Conner

      • JT Kamp


        I understand that this comment comes 8 months late, but I actually wanted to say “thank you” for your input. You obviously put a lot of time into your response, and even if some of your criticisms were not on the mark, the fact that you put that kind of effort into the review you wrote means quite a bit to me.

        Obviously, Will responded to your critique in… well, in his own way. And I would generally agree with his counterpoints. However, the fact that you actually took the time to write out your objections to our materials in a professional and actually quite polite manner is very commendable. Most other people who find fault with our productions would simply leave a comment to the tune of “go die fegits” which, understandably, is neither constructive nor intuitive. So, to that end, I do not consider you a “no name idiot who came here to bash our videos”. You had opinions, and shared them professionally. Kudos to you.

        In my opinion, both Will and myself have come a long way since season 1 of Cover by Cover which was the beginning of our collaboration together. I went into this with a background in theater and comedy, but with no experience as a reviewer or “internet personality”. Will went into this with two seasons of Animerica under his belt as well as all the directorial and writing know-how that a fancy degree will get you. Together, I think we make a pretty great team. Sure, sometimes some jokes fall flat and I do agree that the audio needs work, but that’s all part of the process. We’ve done a lot of great work, and have much greater work ahead of us.

        Please don’t be dissuaded by Will’s defense. He is very passionate about his material and will fight tooth and nail for it. I’ve seen it. It ain’t pretty sometimes. I, on the other hand, while caring greatly about our material, understand the necessity for critique and I also understand that there will just always be people who don’t agree with us. Some folks won’t like our format, some won’t like our jokes, some won’t like us period. However, while those comments such as “look at your man boobs, have some self respect” have absolutely no redeeming quality (this was an actual comment directed at me), comments like yours should be commended. Even if we don’t agree with some of your criticisms, you’ve gone above and beyond what many others would do and for that… I thank you.

        If you do catch this comment, hopefully you’ll stick around and watch what we’ve got in store! Take care!

        – JT Kamp, Animerica

      • Conner M.

        I will not lie, this whole debacle did indeed sour me from the whole “Reviewing a reviewer” shtick that I had been doing for a little while, though I hadn’t done many reviews, I had done enough for me to at least think that I know what I was talking about. Needless to say I was usually ignored.
        And what little responses there were, were not very.. Polite to put it in kinder words. So your friend Will being as passionate about his work as he was did make me realise that a lot of my opinions did stem from a feeling of me wanting to feel a kind of self worth higher than the average person, and pushing it on to others in a bit of a rude way.
        I will admit, I am a bit of a jackass when it comes down to it, but that is just my personality, bitter, jaded, sarcastic, but generally well informed! And since this whole thing happened, I have taken a big step back an thought that maybe my opinions weren’t too great.

        I will not lie in saying that I may or may not have held a bit of a grudge towards you guys due to my own personal feelings towards this whole situation.
        A friend of mine pointed out that you made a response to this just today (I mean I found out about this today, even though the response was a few months ago), and through some thought, I think I may take up my old ways of reviewing reviewers again!
        I’m glad you had made this comment because I did lose a lot of confidence in my ability to critique (Probably because my critiques were a bit.. biased towards the negative aspects of the content and this fact was being brought into plain view for all to see. Which made me do a lot of rethinking.)

        I will not force this upon you!
        But if you will allow me to do this, may I do more reviews of your shows in the future?
        I can’t guarantee I will regularly, due to me having a busier schedule than before. But if I do, my opinions have become very unbiased and have almost completely changed in regards to how I view things. Er, well, in the sense that they are more unbiased and less harsh now, not so much that I am no longer a jaded and sarcastic ass hat.
        I can’t promise I will give you a completely perfect critique, (Possibly due to the amount of rust I have coated on me at the moment from not doing so in a long time) but I will do what I can to tell you my honest opinions on how you can get better from the perspective of a guy who has a mild background in audio engineering and film editing.

        Shall we call a truce and see what happens?

        Conner M.

  2. Gamermage

    0:40 I’d recommend the 5 or Stride. Lasts longer, and doesn’t feel like your chewing a small tire.

    1:48 Ah, yes, Ash. The lame version of Red.

    9:25 Fast food isn’t worth falling hundreds of feet from a building on a pipe, lady!

    9:35 “And you have what appears to be friction burns on your arms.”

    11:56 “Roll Fizzlebeef!”

    12:22 I’m beginning to think she’s the stupid one.

    17:08 So…Most of the cast of cops from Kamen Rider Agito, then?


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