What if you fell in love with a girl at first sight? What would you do for her? Risk your life three times in two days? Yeah, me neither. Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water!

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Nadia: Did You Know?

After the plagued production of Nadia that saw Gainax lose 80 million yen, the series’ broadcast success convinced Group TAC to advance them 50 million more to produce a Nadia movie. However, Gainax, in all its dysfunctionality, blew the 50 million on pre-production and, presumably, hookers and blow. Gainax never completed the Nadia movie, but did eventually pay back the 50 million yen to Group TAC after the success of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Well, good on them… for once.

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One Response

  1. Gamermage

    3:20 Couldn’t find a haystack, Ryan?

    9:12 And we shall continue to, JT.

    10:32 Well, Fox Kids WAS a part of the Fox Network, so yeah, I can see that.

    11:16 …(Sigh). /facedesk

    13:00 Before the Red Bull Flying contest was created, there was this. The crashes just as satisfying, if not more gruesome to watch.

    14:50 The French Embassy was recently reached for comment for their mime’s involvement with The God of Silence. (Basically, Cthulhu if he was also a mime.) They haven’t given a statement at this time.

    16:56 Hey look, it’s Jesse’s great grandmother.

    22:52 Meh.


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