Right, so I’m gonna be killed/loved by wonderful/horrifying creatures of supernatural/???? origin. Cool/GAAAAAHH!!! Mushishi!

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Mushishi: Did You Know?

The events of Mushishi take place between the Edo and Meiji periods in rural Japan. As a result, is easy to assume that the Mushi we see are based on actual Japanese legends. However, this is not necessarily true. The ‘Mushi’ are a set of beings originally created by the manga’s author, Yuki Urushibara. The term operates as a catch-all for any spirit legends in the show’s version of Japan. Some of the stories told are based on actual Japanese myths and legends about spirit activity–both good and bad–amongst humans. Still, several of Mushishi’s stories are not based on any such folk tales. They are original stories simply inspired by locations and landscapes she experienced. This includes the story “Banquet at the Forest’s Edge” about sake-drinking Mushi. The story was inspired by an old brewery near where Yuki used to live as well as her love for cloth-strained sake.

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  1. Gamermage

    3:36 J.T.: ”Go die in a fire.” grin emoticon

    5:44 LOL Oh well, misery likes company, right? Let’s get this over with.

    6:18 Jackie Chan?

    10:08 A lady who hates artists. I hate her already.

    16:26 So it’s like the Kinstones from Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap?

    19:20 Ew.

    23:26 AAAAHHHH!!!!

    …Yeah, I might keep watching too.


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