Miss out on your chance to see Will Ryan lose his mind over the worst anime of all time? Wanna get caught up on the most in-depth, detailed, hilarious anime review of all time? Then right here, right now, you can dive in for every single chapter of 25 The Hard Way: Code Geass R2 and never look back. So what’s it gonna be? You gonna take the easy way out? Or do things…the hard way?

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Code Geass R2: Did You Know?

In October, Will Ryan initiated a new ad campaign to draw more fans to the Facebook page. With only ten days left in the month, the effort had only garnered 10,000 new likes. To spark more interest, Will offered a stretch goal if the fans could get another 5,000 likes before the end of the month. He offered to review the most requested anime that people posted. However, a fan named Justin Baca, who spoke with Will regularly, voted for Code Geass R2, knowing that Will absolutely hated it. For some bizarre reason, R2 became the most requested anime, and against all odds, the fans managed to reach 5,000 likes at noon on October 31st. Unsure of what to do, because Code Geass R2 couldn’t fit into Cover By Cover OR Animerica, he decided to do a “one-time” event entitled 25 The Hard Way. Little did he know that this would become a new project that he would absolutely love. Irony is a bitch.

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  1. IDSeeker

    Great show analysis. I hope you get the views you deserve (I can’t really see them from here), because this lack of comments is kinda depressing me…


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