In October of 2011, Will Ryan and Alan Morrisey sat down to watch Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. After barely managing to finish it, they realized they should review anime to prevent people from suffering the same fate. Inspired by the work of the many talents at, Will decided that they would review anime episode for episode all the way through–something no other anime reviewer had ever attempted. The first season, which would be filmed in March and premiere in June 2012, had to be written and filmed within two weeks due to the unexpected departure of Alan Morrisey. Due to this, their freshman effort was anything but ‘the best’.

In the wake of the valuable, yet difficult on-set experience Will Ryan received from the Season One production, he decided to make Season Two of Animerica a solo effort. After bringing in another actor and a few camera men, he was able to complete the second season in time for its November 2012 debut.

After somehow completing such a daunting project, Will reunited with former high school acquaintance JT Kamp, and the two began work on a sister series, Cover By Cover, while working on Animerica Season Three. The goal of Cover By Cover is to expose Animerica’s audience to as much anime as possible, giving them a lot of possible viewing options without having to go out and try to search for themselves (it’s not easy, trust us). Oh, and to entertain, too. That’s probably important.

In October of 2013, when production for Animerica Season Three was finally ready to resume, Will made a Facebook challenge that he thought would never be met: He told the fans that if they could get 5,000 new likes to the site in the last ten days of the month, that he would review whatever anime they wanted. Just as Will was about to get to work on Animerica Season Three’s story, the fans hit the goal, forcing Will to review Code Geass R2, an anime he considered to be the worst of all time. And from that series of unfortunate events, Animerica’s third series, 25 The Hard Way, was born.